Committee Members and Roles

Committee members and responsibilities:

  • Planning committee: Councillors Ostler, Trundley, Frost, Mason, Pratt and A Turner (Chairman)
  • Finance committee: Councillors James, Duffin, Mason, Pratt, R Turner and Pullinger
  • Personnel and Estates Committee: Councillors Duffin, Frost and Pratt
  • Footpaths working party: Councillor James, Mr J Fowler and Mr T Sweeney
  • Maintenance supervisor: Councillor Pratt
  • Playground supervisor: Councillor Frost
  • Emergency plan working party: Councillors Frost, Ostler, and Turner, plus members of public
  • Flood working party: Cllrs Duffin, Mason, Ostler, Turner, and Clerk
  • Millennium Copse Sub-Committee: Councillor R Turner (Chair), Duffin, A Turner, Mr David Sole and Mr Terry Sweeney
  • Lengthsman supervisor: Mr John Fowler
  • Emergency contact point during flooding etc: Cllr Mason 01297 445847

Representatives on outside bodies

  • Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan Group: Cllrs Duffin, James and Pullinger
  • King George V Field representative: Cllr Ostler
  • Police Liaison: Cllr Turner
  • Ring & Ride representative: Vacancy
  • School Trustee: Cllr Frost
  • Seaton Coastal Traffic Group representative: Cllr Ostler
  • Uplyme Charities representative: Cllr Pullinger
  • Village Hall Committee representative: Cllr Ostler
  • Seaton/Axminster community health working party: Cllr Frost