The Uplyme Children’s Playground


Children in the Playhouse

The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance of the playground on King George’s Field. Funding for upkeep of the equipment was provided by a grant from the Committee for Uplyme Playground (now wound up), and the Council makes an annual contribution from the precept. Other sources of funds are sometimes used for specific items, such as grants from the County Council.

We make regular safety inspections of the playground, but if you notice any problems in between, please contact the Clerk or the playground supervisor (contact details here) so that we can keep the play equipment in good order. Here is the latest official inspection report from Fields in Trust.

We are always picking up litter – especially sweet wrappers. If your children on grandchildren use the playground, please ask them to put their litter in the bins immediately outside the ground, or near the village hall.


Underwater in July 2013!

working party

Volunteers clearing the playground after the floods

Playground and Tennis Court 025



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