Parish Council Meeting Information and Reports

Uplyme Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of every month except (sometimes) in an election year. See the full list of dates below. Council meetings are held at 7.15 pm in the Village Hall, starting with an Open Forum where members of the public can ask questions or make observations. Planning Meetings are normally held on the fourth Wednesday of every month starting at 5.00 pm but may change due to the volume of or no applications.

Notice, Agenda and Minute reports of all meetings when available can be viewed by clicking the view button below in the table. (All documents are in PDF). If you would like to view any previous year reports, please contact the Clerk.

Minutes of Council and Planning meetings are published once they have been approved by the Council at the next meeting (that is, a month in arrears for the full Council). In the mean time, you can read the latest Parish News meeting report.

If you require any reports (e.g. agendas, minutes, etc,) please contact the Clerk on 07413947067.

DayDateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutesParish NewsOther Reports
Wednesday10 April 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday10 April 2019Parish Full CouncilViewViewView
Wednesday1 May 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday08 May 2019Annual Parish MeetingViewViewView
Wednesday08 May 2019Parish Full CouncilViewViewView
Wednesday22 May 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday12 June 2019Parish Full CouncilViewViewView
Wednesday26 June 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday10 July 2019Parish Full CouncilViewViewView
Wednesday14 Aug 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday11 Sep 2019Planning ViewView
Wednesday11 Sep 2019Parish Full CouncilViewViewView
Wednesday25 Sep 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday9 Oct 2019Parish Full CouncilViewViewView
Wednesday23 Oct 2019FinanceViewView
Wednesday23 Oct 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday30 Oct 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday13 Nov 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday13 Nov 2019Parish Full CouncilViewViewView
Wednesday11 Dec 2019PlanningViewView
Wednesday11 Dec 2019Parish Full CouncilViewView
Wednesday08 Jan 2020Parish Full CouncilViewViewViewView
Wednesday22 Jan 2020PlanningViewView
Wednesday05 Feb 2020PlanningViewView
Wednesday12 Feb 2020Parish Full CouncilViewViewViewView
Wednesday26 Feb 2020PlanningViewView
Wednesday11 March 2020PlanningView
Wednesday11 March 2020Parish Full CouncilViewViewViewView
Monday23 March 2020Parish ExtraordinaryViewView
Wednesday06 March 2020PlanningView
Wednesday08 April 2020Parish Full CouncilViewView
Wednesday22 April 2020PlanningViewView
Tuesday12 May 2020Virtual PlanningViewView
Wednesday13 May 2020Annual ParishPostponed Until May 2021
Wednesday13 May 2020Annual Parish CouncilPostponed Until May 2021
Wednesday13 May 2020Virtual Parish Full CouncilViewView
Wednesday03 June 2020Virtual PlanningView
Wednesday10 June 2020Virtual Parish Full CouncilView
Wednesday24 June 2020Virtual PlanningView
Wednesday08 July 2020Virtual Parish Full Council
Wednesday22 July 2020Virtual Planning