The Council noticeboard at the Village Hall

The Parish Council has a noticeboard outside the Village Hall in the centre of Uplyme. The notices that it is required by law to publish, and those required by the district or county council, can be found there. Also, notices of general interest will be posted from time to time.

This page includes any formal notices and helpful information not published elsewhere on the site.

Be heard at Council meetings

The Council offers public open sessions before meetings (at 7:15pm), so if you want to speak on a topic coming up on the agenda, you can put your views before it is discussed! Please make use of this opportunity to be heard at Council meetings.

Items for regular Council meetings agenda

The Agenda for each monthly meeting is normally set at least a week in advance, to allow official notices to be posted in good time. If you have an item that you would like to be considered for the agenda, you must give written notice to the Clerk or Chairman at least 14 days in advance of the meeting at which the item is to be considered (or verbal notice for very simple matters).

It is neither possible, nor legal, to add last-minute items to the agenda if a Council decision needs to be taken as a consequence, so late notifications will only be considered for the subsequent meeting.

You can of course mention items to the Councillors and ask them to contact the Clerk, but since they are all busy people with other commitments, some away from the Parish, it may be better to ensure that the Clerk is notified.

You can bring up items for consideration at a future meeting in person, by attending the open forum before each meeting.

Council mailing list

If you want to be emailed with the agenda for the next meeting (normally at the end of the preceding week), please contact the Clerk who will add you to the distribution list. You can also see the agenda on the official Parish noticeboard (outside the Village Hall) at about the same time.