Who’s who in NP

The Neighbourhood Planning Group responsible for the Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan consists of:

  • Councillor Chris James (Chairman)
  • Mr Gary Bilbie
  • Mr Glen Broom
  • Mrs Pat Dench
  • Mr Peter Dench
  • Councillor John Duffin
  • Mr Ray Helm
  • Councillor Barbara Kidson
  • Councillor Neil Pullinger
  • Mr Terry Sweeney
  • Mr Simon Williams
  • Mrs Claire Wiscombe

Clerical support is given when needed by Mrs Lois Wakeman.

Past assistance has been given by:

  • Former Councillor and Chairman John Garland
  • Mr Roger Brisley
  • Mr David Sole
  • Councillor Andrew Turner
  • Former Chairman and Councillor Peter Whiting (now deceased)