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This is the home page for information from the Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.

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The Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted by East Devon District Council on 29th November 2017, after four years of consultation, drafting and approval. This page is still on the web site as a record of all the work that has gone into the creation of the plan.

Note: unless otherwise specified, all links to documents on this page are to PDF files, which you can view, download (right mouse click on Windows, CTRL and click on Mac), or print.

November 2017

On a turnout of about 26%, the majority voting in favour at the referendum was over 86%: these are the official figures in the Declaration of referendum results. The final hurdle for the Plan is to be officially “made” by EDDC, which is expected to happen soon. After that, the Neighbourhood Plan will be a statutory part of the local development plan, used  by EDDC, DCC and other bodies to inform planning decisions.

October 2017

Prior to the referendum on 26th, there was an exhibition in Uplyme Village Hall with displays and NP Group members on hand to answer questions. Over 85 people came along to find out a bit more about what they would be voting on. There were some concerns about proposed affordable housing sites, but in general, all the work that had gone into the Plan over the past 4 years was much appreciated.

Neighbourhood Plan Leaflet – exhibition and voting

September 2017

We have, at last, a date for the referendum, following the approval of the final draft by EDDC. Key dates for the public are:

  • Last Date for Voter Registration – Tuesday 10 October 2017
  • Receipt of Postal Vote Applications – 5:00 pm Wednesday 11 October 2017
  • Receipt of Proxy Vote Applications – 5:00 pm Wednesday 18 October 2017
  • Day of Poll – 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Thursday 26 October 2017

So, please make sure you are on the electoral register in good time if you’d like to take part in this important poll, which will determine whether local or district policies apply to planning etc.

August 2017

Posters explaining the current state of the plan process have been put up round the village. You can download a copy of the Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan Update Poster July 2017  here.

July 2017

The final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan, taking in the comments from the Inspector and approved by the EDDC Planners, has now been submitted to EDDC and is expected to be put to Cabinet for approval in September (postponed) August. If this is successful, EDDC will organise a referendum and all electors in Uplyme will be able to decide whether or not it should be adopted as part of the local planning guidance.

June 2017

The Examiner’s report has now been published by EDDC and requires some minor changes to the Plan, although generally speaking the Plan was positively received. Both the Parish Council and EDDC will have to approve the changes, and if EDDC recommends it, then a referendum will be organised for all registered electors to decide whether the Plan should be adopted.

Changes, as recommended in the report, have been made by the NP Group, and are being reviewed by EDDC (which has the final say on the content) before going to Cabinet for approval, and then a referendum within 56 days.

May 2017

Response from the Group to Questions for the Examiner was agreed by the group and is being considered.

April 2017

The Plan is being examined. Responses to the Regulation 15 comments have been drafted and approved by the Group for the Examiner. The Examiner has sent questions to the Group that are being considered.

He also requested large-scale plans of the exception housing sites from EDDC, which are downloadable here: Lime Kiln Lane, Masters Close,  Springhead Road/Crogg Lane.

December 2016-January 2017

EDDC is now guiding the progress of the plan. It has been submitted for further consultation under regulation 15, until 27th January 2017, at which point, EDDC will decide which comments should be taken into account. Here is the official notice of publication which gives details of how comments can be submitted.

November 2016

This is the final set of documents that will be submitted to EDDC for Regulation 15 consultation:

A progress report for the Parish News is also available.

Late October 2016

Following consultation with EDDC, changes to the Basic Conditions Report were made to elaborate on the relationship of Plan policies with local and national policy, and minor changes to the Consultation Statement were made, once the regulation 15 documents were approved.  All other documents remain as approved.

Early October 2016

The regulation 15 documents are now almost finalised, and the Council will be asked to approve these documents at the October meeting.

Documents for Regulation 15 consultation to be approved by Council

September 2016

Comments received under regulation 14 were considered by the Neighbourhood Plan Group and implemented as necessary. Supporting documents for the plan were finalised ready for the next round of consultation – regulation 15. There is a summary of changes made from the regulation 14 draft.

Comments are available to read as follows:

August 2016

Some people have experienced difficulty in finding local copies of the plan (especially at the Talbot Arms), so the deadline for comments has been extended until 5th September. This is another chance to say how you think the village should develop. Do you have friends or family who can’t afford to live in the village? – this is one of the main issues the plan addresses, along with what new developments should look like, protecting the green spaces in the village, the environment, and traffic and transport.

Download the Regulation 14 Plan and associated documents here:

June 2016

The finalised Draft Plan has been printed, and will be available to the key consultees and local residents in the week beginning 27th June. Other consultees will be sent electronic copies, which you can also download below.

Regulation 14 Consultation

The consultation period begins on 27th June and ends on 5th September 22nd August. No comments will be accepted thereafter. Comments should be written on the forms provided if possible, and returned to or Uplyme NP Group, c/o Mrs L Wakeman, Horseman’s Hill Barn, Gore Lane, Uplyme, Lyme Regis DT7 3RJ.

Deposit copies will be available in the Village Hall foyer, the Talbot Arms, the Church, the Village Shop and the Black Dog. Please note that these are not to be taken away, or you will deprive other residents of their right to read them! Councillors also have printed copies.


Unless you are commenting on behalf of a specific organisation, you only need to give your name and contact details. These will be kept confidential and are only required in case clarification of your comments is needed.

May 2016npdraftmarch

The draft has been delayed because one of the statutory consultees insisted on a strategic environmental assessment being completed. This is not a trivial exercise and will hold up publication.

February-March 2016

Drafting of the plan is now fairly advanced, and it is expected that a pre-submission draft will be available for comment after Easter, once responses for various statutory agencies are received.

Following a 6-week comment period, responses will be reviewed and incorporated as necessary, then the plan will be sent for examination. Any changes requested by the inspector will be made, then the final plan will be subject to a referendum.

Assuming it is successful, the plan will then be used to guide planning policy in the parish!

January 2016

There was a public meeting to unveil the draft Plan for consultation, on Saturday 23 January 2016 in the Village Hall from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. Various plans, maps, policies and other information were displayed and the Uplyme Neighbourhood Plan Group was be on hand to answer questions. There are some photos from the event here.

A copy of the Draft Plan for comment can be downloaded here, so you can read the detailed text for yourself.

December 2015

The draft is almost complete and will be sent for editing by the consultant.

November 2015

The writing of the draft plan is now well underway, and work to start editing and designing the document will soon be starting. A further issue of Uplyme Together – November 2015 is ready for the double Dec-Jan issue of the Parish News, publicising the next public consultation meeting to be held on 23rd January next year.

The A to Z posters and banners are now printed and have been distributed to the school. There is a Press release about the project.

October 2015

Another issue of Uplyme Together – October 2015 was prepared for the Parish News, giving an update on past activities and future timescales.

Work has been done on the “Uplyme A to Z”: a project by last year’s leavers at Mrs Ethelston’s to record local features. Posters and a banner will be printed soon.

An A to Z of Uplyme

An A to Z of Uplyme

August 2015

locality logoThe Council was successful in its bid to Locality for funding, and will be receiving £5000 towards consultant costs in connection with making sure the plan is properly written and presented. A further £3000 may be called down if Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) are deemed necessary by EDDC.  Again, the Council is grateful for support from Locality.

July 2015

A further call to local businesses to answer a questionnaire has been put out, with limited responses. This marks the end of the concentrated consultation period, and efforts now turn to writing policies for the draft plan. Any ad-hoc comments are still welcome of course.

You can download the businesses and tourism questionnaire.

June 2015

An application for further funding for consultant help has been made to Locality, but in the mean time, £5000 of the Council’s general reserve has been earmarked in case the application does not succeed. The Group is starting to write policies.

May 2015

A summary of progress, and a further call for landowner sites and business experience has been published in the Parish News – Uplyme Together May 2015. The importance of the emerging plan was emphasised by the receipt of a major planning application for 100-120 houses on a greenfield site at the south-eastern edge of the parish, which will need to be carefully considered. There will be a public meeting on the development from 4-7pm in the Village Hall on Friday 5th June, and a further chance to give opinions and ask questions at the NP Group marquee at the Village fete on the afternoon of 13th June.

April 2015

A Framework for writing the plan has been developed to assist members of the group in their various tasks.

March 2015

The final round of consultations – this time with local small businesses, has been concluded, and was more successful in terms of replies than the others: here is the businesses and tourism questionnaire. Local landowners are being asked to propose sites for affordable housing, and business owners to comment on mobile phone and broadband coverage in Uplyme Together March 2015 (article for the Parish News).

The affordable housing survey was officially adopted by the Council and can be downloaded here: Housing Needs Report, Uplyme.

January 2015

There was a public meeting in the Village Hall on the afternoon of Saturday 31st to present the results so far of public consultations, and to give another chance for you to influence the direction of the plan for your village! More information in Uplyme Together January 2015 (article for the Parish News), and a summary of the progress so far and planned activities: The Neighbourhood Plan Process. This presentation includes some photos of the event.
NP public meeting 31 1 15

November 2014

Uplyme Together  November 2014 – article for the Parish News.

The results of the draft housing needs survey were published on the housing page.

October 2014

The preliminary numerical results from the second questionnaire have been compiled, and you can also see a summary table of the text comments and a narrative of the text comments. The last mentioned document includes those questions to which a yes/no answer was requested. We had 181 responses this time, from about 830 distributed. There will be a draw at the November 12th council meeting for a £50 prize to the first paper out of the hat!

The Housing Needs surveys are being analysed by the Community Council of Devon. The results will be summarised here when they are available.

September 2014

The second questionnaire from the Council, plus another specifically on Housing Needs, is being distributed in the week of 8-14th September, with replies requested by 30th. If you haven’t received a copy by the end of that week, please contact the Clerk and ask for one, or you can pick up a copy at the Uplyme Post Office.

You can also download copies here, and scan and email them directly to the Clerk:

August 2014

locality logoThe Council was successful in applying for a further grant from Locality of £1,000 towards the running of a Housing Needs Survey. You can read more about the organisation on its web site. The Council is grateful for this extra support for a very important activity – affordable housing was one of the most-requested topics in the public responses to previous consultations. If you – or anyone you know – wants to see more affordable housing in Uplyme (rented or shared equity, self build etc.), then make sure you return the survey!

June 2014

The group held a stall at the Village Fete, at which the public was invited to view and comment on proposals for a major development at Shire Lane in Uplyme. You can read a summary of responses from the event.

May 2014

Consultations are continuing, and the recent proposal for up to 350 houses in the Parish has emphasised the importance of progressing with the Plan.

Uplyme Together May 2014 – article for the Parish News.

April 2014

On April 11th, a public information meeting was held in the village hall, at which an estimated 180 people visited to inspect the displays and ask questions or convey their concerns. The preliminary responses are now available to consult:

scene at village hall

Uplyme Together April 2014 – article for the Parish News.

March 2014

As well as numerous stakeholder letters, the Council delivered a questionnaire to (it believes) all households in the Parish, in early March, asking for replies by 5th April. There were about 110 received before the deadline and some since.

Download the first newsletter and the questionnaire that goes with it:

December 2013

The Council was successful in applying for a grant from Locality of £6,000, which is for a specified set of activities connected with the plan, including arranging consultations, public meetings, printing and stationery etc. You can read more about the organisation on its web site.

We have also been offered £2,000 by East Devon District Council to support the project.

locality logo   EDDC logo

Both grants are gratefully acknowledged.

October 2013 – January 2014

The group has started by writing some introductory articles for the Parish News, not all of which were published, unfortunately: Introduction, October, More details, November, and Uplyme Together, January 2014.

September 2013

In September 2013, EDDC approved the designation of Uplyme as a neighbourhood area, and now the process of writing and getting the plan adopted has started in earnest.

Contact details:

If you want to contact the Group directly, please email, or write to: The NP Group, c/o Mrs L Wakeman, Horseman’s Hill Barn, Gore Lane, Uplyme, Lyme Regis DT7 3RJ. Your enquiry or comment will be passed on for you.


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