Major development at Shire Lane/Sidmouth Road

An outline application for a 100-120 house site on the A3052 next to Shire Lane has been received. The Council had until 23rd June to respond, as does the public (extended time). The documents provided are many hundreds of pages long, and the Council has held proper public consultations with residents and other interested parties before making its decision. WDDC and EDDC councillors, LRTC, the Devon CC councillor, and representatives of Uplyme and Lyme Regis schools and medical facilities have all been invited to give their views.

There was a public meeting on 5th June from 4-7pm, and also a marquee at the Village Fête on 13th June, publicised in the local press, on the noticeboard, Facebook and this web site. At both occasions, people had the opportunity to drop in to see the plans, ask questions about the development, and make their views known to the Council, so it can take them into account.

Meeting to see plans and make comments to Council

Meeting to see plans and make comments to Council

The Council’s response was determined at an extra meeting on 17th June at 6.30pm in the village hall – and Uplyme Parish Council’s response is now on the EDDC planning web site. A summary for the councillors outlined the public and consultee responses at the time of the meeting: Shire Lane comments report. (Both PDF files.)

EDDC refused the application on 5th August 2015, and the Council is now waiting to see if the applicants appeal against the decision.

Anyone wishing to look at the application papers can find them on the EDDC Planning web site, using this link – the papers are located in the Documents tab.

To give you a quick overview, you can download a plan here:

Block plan for 120 houses (PDF). There are also alternative plans for 100 houses plus a care home on the EDDC web site (extract below).

shire lane block plan

Block plan – 100 houses plus care home

Uplyme residents and Councillors were invited by LRTC to a display by Hallam Land before its planning committee meeting on 9th June. The TC’s comments are also on the EDDC web site.

To comment to EDDC on this application, please use the reference 15/0851/MOUT. The latest date for comments to be accepted is 23rd June. You can comment in these ways:

  1. Write to Planning East Team, EDDC, Knowle, Sidmouth, EX10 8HL
  2. By email,
  3. Enter your comments on the web site, at – type in the above reference in the search box, and click the Comments tab. You will need to register on the site to do this – just follow the instructions.


  1. Uplyme Clerk Post author

    Please note that any comments you leave will have to be approved before they appear on the site. This is necessary to outwit the spammers who would otherwise drown out legitimate comment with ads for trainers and fake designer handbags!

  2. J Aldred

    I object on the grounds that AONB planning policy requires new development to enhance the quality of the setting which, in this case, is completely unspoilt countryside. As it is inconceivable that modern residential development can enhance the beauty of our countryside, the AONB planning policies will have to be disregarded if approval is given to any new homes. If this were the outcome then AONB planning policies would simply be of no meaning thereafter. I also object in that this site is remote from facilities and due to this car journeys will be required even to buy a newspaper. Gore Lane in particular will become a popular cut through either to visit the amenities in Uplyme or to connect with Axminster.

    1. Uplyme Clerk Post author

      Dear Mr Aldred,

      You may also wish to leave your comments on the EDDC web site as linked to in the main article. I will make sure your comments are added to the list for the Council to consider.

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