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Police report, July 2015

PCSO Trott reported no crimes for June, but 2 burglaries and one break-in in the Rhode Lane area over a single weekend – fishing equipment and garden machinery were taken.

PCSO Trott asked the public to look out for suspicious vehicles and note the registration no. if possible – the police would rather get details of vehicles that turned out to be legitimate than risk losing reports of criminal intent.

A free property marking service is offered – ring on 101 and ask for the Axminster Neighbourhood Team, visit the web site or email Make sure you  note the serial number of items kept in outside sheds and garages if not marked. Alarm padlocks for sheds can be purchased at cost for £7 each.

Speed checks in Yawl on 7th caught two drivers going at 45 and 42mph in 30 mins, who will be getting a formal letter.

PCSO Trott will be speaking to the owners of vehicles parking at the end of Cooks Mead and obstructing the mini-roundabout, especially for people with long vehicles or trailers. You should never park within 10 meters of a junction, and it is an offence if by doing so you cause danger or unnecessary obstruction to other road users!

National Survey on Rural Policing

I’ve been asked to publicise this survey, about rural policing, to local residents. You can read more, or just click on the logo to go straight to the survey.NCRN survey

“Dear all,

The Devon and Cornwall Community Watch Association (DaCCWA) represents all of the Watch Schemes across the Devon and Cornwall police area.

We work very closely with the police service, the Police and Crime Commissioner and a variety of other partners to promote activity that reduces crime, keeps people safer and healthier in their own homes and businesses.

You will be aware of national debate about the impact of financial restrictions upon the police service and, most recently, news coverage of the potential “threat” to neighbourhood policing as a concept.

Devon and Cornwall is a predominantly rural area and, thus, I wanted to bring to your attention a national survey on Rural Policing that is being conducted by the National Rural Crime Network (NCRN).

This survey can be accessed via the link below.

Please may I encourage you to complete this survey and tell those charged with feeding back its results to government and the police service what you feel about the policing in our rural communities.

We believe that the police service deserves the support necessary to engage effectively with its local communities, problem solve to prevent issues escalating and keep those most vulnerable as safe as possible. Completing the survey will enable us to identify what you think is important and have as strong a voice as is possible to pressure for it to happen.

Thanks for your time.

Julie Dowton (Chair of DaCCWA) “

Police report, December 2014

PCSO Wooster gave her last report to the Council at the meeting on 10th December: two crimes had been reported since the last meeting:-

  • Make off without payment – enquiries ongoing
  • Burglary Other – Caravan entered but nothing taken.

Amanda says: “I will be leaving my role as a PCSO at the end of year to work in the Control & Command Centre in Exeter. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last 8 years working with the communities of Axminster.”

PCSOs Andrew Trott and Hayley Widger will be taking over from Amanda.

Reporting lost property

Message from the Devon and Cornwall Police Community Messaging System.

There is a new, quick and easy way of reporting lost property online. The ReportMyloss website allows people to log their lost item using an online form, which will register the item on a Police Approved, National Database.

Police all over the UK will be able to view the database, which will be available from today Monday the 3rd November 2014. For more information visit:


Police report for June-July

There have been three crimes reported since the last Council meeting:–

Burglary Other – lock to shed broken off – nothing stolen.

Attempt Burglary Other – Padlock snapped off a container not believed anything was stolen.

Burglary Dwelling – Entry gained to ground floor, domestic items stolen.

Please be aware there have been reports of a male trying to sell generators door to door. Please encourage anyone who may come into contact with this male to report it via 101 with full description of persons and vehicle including the registration plate.

Police report, January 2014

PCSO Amanda Wooster

PCSO Amanda Wooster

PCSO Wooster reported on crimes for the last month, viz.

  • Theft of a cast iron fireplace that was left outside  – no suspects or witnesses.
  • Burglary Dwelling – Entry gained to insecure property, search made but  nothing stolen.

She reminds you that “I will be at Uplyme Church on Thursday 16th January between 09.00am & 10.00am for any concerns or issues (police related!).” No-one attended the last “Coffee Cop Shop” in December – so if you have any worries, please try and find the time to go along

She did some speed checks in Yawl yesterday, with the following results:

Traffic was monitored both ways between 11.00am & 12.00pm. 92 vehicles passed in the time.

84 of these vehicles passed through within the speed limit; six at 35mph; one at 36mph, one at 37 & one at 38mph.

These checks will be repeated over the next few weeks to see if there is justification for setting up a Speedwatch scheme, and figures will be sent to the Road Casualty Reduction Officer.